PT.Chemtrade Indonesia is one of fast growing chemical trading in Indonesia focus in animal nutrition and feed additives. The company started the operation in Jakarta on Dec 2006.  operated by personnel who have experience of more than 10 years in raw material trading and animal nutrition business in local market, We can ensure the customers will be supplied with high quality materials with highest standards. Most of the products we trade are sourced from well known and ISO/FAMIqs  certified manufacturers and trading houses from Eropean countries, USA, Canada, South Korea, India and China.   About Us Mission To become reliable supplier in animal nutrition business in Indonesia Vision Plays important role in producing healthier protein source for human through healthier animals, better feed and cleaner environment. Home Feature Product: Sintobutyl. Microencapsulated Calcium Butyrate VITAMIN E 50 Feed Grade Protamine, excelent attractant for shrimp Niacinamide/Nicotinic acid
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