SINTOBUTYL Composition: fat coated calcium butyrate (microencapsulated) Indication: Laying hen. Improve egg shell quality, egg mass and reduce misshapen eggs Reduce cracked eggs, dirty eggs and hair crack eggs. Improve feed efficiency Improve gut health Broiler. Improve feed efficiency Improve immunity against enteric infection by e.coli and salmonella Reduce abdominal fat (A. K. Panda*,et al) How it works? Calcium butyrate (butyrate) is short chain fatty acid (SCFA) which is normally produced in small amount in large intestine through carbohydrate fermentation by bacteria. It helps animal to maintain normal fuction of large bowel. It also has been proven that butyric acid is excellent energy source that can be utilised for intestinal ephitelial cell development. Butyric acid has high bactericidal activity in undissiociated form. Butyric acid is one such SCFA, which has higher bactericidal activity when the acid is undissociated (Leeson, 2007). Bacterial cell take up undissociated fatty acids and once these acids dissociate, there is change in the intracellular pH leading to death of bacterial cells. Sintobutyl is microencapsulated calcium butyrate with high melting fat. The butyric acid is only released in small intestine when lipase enzyme is secreted. the enzyme degrades the coating material while butyric acid released along the intestine further down to large intestine. Butyric acid also play important role in fixing damage epithelial cell due to infection and nutrition imbalance.